Is WordPress the Best Website Platform? 10 Myths and Facts
26 Nov, 2018

Myth: WordPress is a Security Risk

Developers of static HTML sites like to use this as the reason for sticking with these difficult-to-manage sites. While there’s no denying that WordPress is less secure than HTML (which is unavoidable with php-driven websites), it’s really no where near as big an issue as some people make out and can still be considered one of the best website platforms.

Fact: You Can Easily Reduce Your Risk With Good Security Practices

There are loads of things we do that are risky, but it doesn’t stop us doing them. Whichever you consider the best website platform, you will still have to take steps to reduce your risk. It’ s no different with WordPress. To reduce your risk of being hacked to nearly non-existent, you just have to implement some security measures:

  • Change your passwords often, and make them strong
  • “Admin” should never be used as your username
  • Give all your staff or users their own accounts
  • Don’t make people administrators on your site if they don’t need to be
  • Make sure your web host works in a secure environment
  • Always update your core software, plugins and themes as soon as you can
  • Sign up to a Website BFF Squad to make sure vulnerabilities are monitored and everything is kept up to date without you even having to think about it!

Myth: WordPress is Hard to Learn

This myth often arises when discussing drag-and-drop website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly, and it’s one that stops many people from even considering WordPress as the best website platform.

Fact: Every Website Builder has a Learning Curve

Yes, WordPress can feel pretty overwhelming at first glance. But this is the truth: all software that is as flexibie and versatility as WordPress is bound to have a learning curve. And those other builders all have their own quirks and difficulties too, not to mention the limitations they offer in terms of what your website can do. The difference is that the WordPress community is both massive and incredibly helpful. You can figure out how to do anything on a WordPress site with a quick Google, and some websites designers even install instructional videos, right there in your admin area, like the ones I provide as part of my Website BFF Squad.

Myth: WordPress is Only for Blogging

Although WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform, the way it has grown over recent years means it meets the needs of almost all business websites and many consider it the best website platform for all types of sites.

Fact: Plugins and Themes Makes WordPress Ideal for Nearly Every Application

I’ve built ecommerce sites, business directories, membership sites, sales pages, and simple “brochure” style websites; WordPress has been able to handle them all. There are thousands of plugins that can extend its basic functionality; the only limitation is your imagination!

Myth: WordPress Plugins Will Break Your Site

Plugins make your WordPress site incredibly flexible, but you have to be discerning just like with anything else in life. The WordPress community I mentioned earlier comes in to play here.

Fact: Quality Plugins Will Make Your Site Better

When installing new plugins, you MUST make sure they’re from reputable developers, and the WordPress community is a great place to start: JUST ASK! To avoid bugs and badly built plugins, you should also look at these important factors;

  • the higher the number of downloads, the better – popular is good!
  • plugins should have download as recently as possible, otherwise there could be incompatibilities with other plugins, or even the core WordPress software
  • high ratings give a good indication of a quality plugin, but make sure you read the reviews too – there could be a historically high rating, but more recent bad reviews
  • for more complex plugins, good support is essential – find the developer’s website, and see what they have on offer

If you make sure you check plugins out throughly, you should avoid creating any conflicts or making your site more vulnerable. Conflicts aren’t impossible to avoid though, so ALWAYS back up your site before you make any changes.

Myth: WordPress Websites are Slow

The core WordPress software is developed using the best web standards to make sure it’s super fast to install and to use. The problem comes if you’re slapdash in what you do next.

Fact: Sites Can Be Slow For Many Reasons

There are loads of reasons that your website can be slow, but a site being built on WordPress isn’t one of them. From your web host, to your theme, to the size of your images, slow sites can easily be evaluated and fixed. Keeping on top of your performance is vital in making sure that Google don’t penalised your SERP results, and the best way is to sign up to a Website BFF Squad, so you site is monitored for you!

WordPress is by far the most commonly used content management system online today. That alone should reassure you that these myths are just that. But don’t just take my word for it; take a look at my previous projects and see what I’ve been able to create using WordPress.



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