Blog Post Ideas: 5 Tips for When You’re Stuck for Website Content
19 Jun, 2019

Coming up with blog post ideas is one of those things that I struggle with.

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I’m as guilty as you are when it comes to poor content planning for my website. I set aside an hour or so, just like I have today, then I stare into the abyss of a blank screen, waiting for inspiration to strike.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to talk about. It’s more that, when the pressures on, my mind sort of zones out and I find myself scrolling through cat memes instead of focussing on providing value to my website visitors.

I *know* that content is important. Heck, it’s an essential part of all of my website builds. I even have a Content Clarity service, where I come up with a 12 month blog post idea strategy plan for clients.

My 5 Tips for Blog Post Ideas:

But for some reason, when it comes to my own content, I’m terrible at planning. In an effort to tackle that, and hopefully help you too, here are my top 5 tips for coming up with blog post ideas and planning your website content:

Know who you’re talking to

Before you can come up with content that going to work for your website, you need to be really clear on WHO you want to get onto your website in the first place.

This work on your ideal client will make it so much easier to plan your content – once you know what their likes, dislikes and struggles are, you’ll be presented with a whole host of things to write about (that they’ll actually want to read).

Research Your Keywords

Once you’ve figured out WHO you’re talking too, the next thing you can do to help come up with blog post ideas is to research your keywords.

Now I know, I know, you’re thinking “what has keyword research got to do with blog post ideas?”, but honestly, keyword research can open up a world of ideas for your website content – once you’ve figured out WHAT your ideal clients will be searching for, your blog posts will be so much easier to write!

This article from Hubspot is a fantastic place to find out how to do keyword research.

Check Out The Competition

Another way to figure out what you should be writing about is to take a look at your competitor’s websites.

Pick your top 5 competitors, go on over to their blog and take a look at their most popular blog posts. Have a look at what their writing about, the keywords they’re using and even what they’re talking about on social media. Don’t copy anyone exactly, but take inspiration from their content.

There are even tools to help you spy on your competitors websites so you don’t have to spend hours on it.

ASK for Blog Post Ideas!

For this one, I’m going to presume that you’re active on social media with your business (and if you’re not, then why not? You *should* be!).

Your customers and clients are RIGHT THERE, ready and waiting for you to ask what they’d like to read about. If you don’t have a very active page or group yourself, try asking in a group full of your ideal client. Polls or ‘market research’ posts are normally acceptable in closed groups, but ask the admin if you’re not sure and don’t want to get chucked out!

Plan Ahead

Finally – make sure you plan ahead, so you don’t have those ‘blank page’ moments ever again.

If you follow the other four tips, you should have plenty of ideas, so now it’s just a matter of decided what to write about, and when.

In terms of SEO, consistency is more important than the amount of posts you’re writing.

Make your content plan realistic – if you know you can only write one post a month, plan to publish all posts on the same date every month.

If you suddenly find yourself struck by inspiration and smash out 5 posts in one afternoon STICK TO THE PLAN (or make a new plan!).

As tempting as it is to publish all your posts at once, schedule them to publish once a week, or once a month, so that Google (and your clients) get used to when you’re posting.

Now that you’re blog posts ideas are all planned, you shouldn’t panic again when it’s time to write. Now, while I go off and plan my own blog posts, why not share your latest post in the comments?


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