Amanda at Alice and Joseph had an existing online shop on the Big Commerce platform and, although she was having some success with it, she felt that it was time to get professional branding and a site that is more ‘her’.

We discussed Amanda’s belief that one of the ways we can make our children feel loved and safe is by providing them with their very own magical place, such as their bedroom or play area. Amanda wanted the brand and website to feel ‘light and bright’ to emulate this feeling.

We how the brand should appeal to parents of both boys and girls. The newly designed brand identity would need to be integrated throughout new packaging and brand touch points.



I began by researching the existing brands that are stocked by Alice and Joseph, plus other brands in direct competition.

I presented Amanda with to brand concepts:

Concept 1 – clean, fresh, organised, contemporary, gender neutral. Learning, curiosity, adventure, imagination.
Concept 2 – soft, feminine, traditional, classic, warm. Love, play, fantasy, companionship.

Amanda was drawn to the colours of the first concept and this was our starting point for the website and printables.


The purpose of the website was to showcase the business’s products through an integrated eCommerce area.

There were over 1000 product variations on the current Big Commerce website, which I was tasked with importing. A bit too many to upload individually! So I implemented an import service to do the work for me. It was a nerve wracking process but it went without a hitch.

As a large number of clients would be accessing the site on mobile, I went to great lengths to ensure that the design was responsive and that the user experience was fully considered.

The brand was incorporated across the entire site, creating a strong new look, which represents the ethos and feel of the business.


After all the hard work, to keep the site safe, secure and up to date, Amanda opted to sign up to my website care plan, Your Website BFF.