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TOO. MUCH. INFORMATION. And not enough time.

You know that if you don't improve your search results, having a website is a bit of a waste of time really.

You've read loads of brilliant stuff on SEO, maybe you've even done some training.

It all made sense at the time, you even felt a bit inspired, but when it came to putting it all into action, you got all overwhelmed again and didn't know where to start.

You're just so busy doing your actual WORK that the SEO stuff just keeps getting put off, but you know it's not going to get done by itself.

What you really need to improve your search results, is for someone to start you off, so you can see it in action on your own website, then you can take the reigns, and keep up the momentum for yourself.



Well Hello There


I'm a WordPress nerd. A home educating, tech-obsessed introvert, who can usually be found within arms length of her MacBook Pro. I'm also a rainbow haired, serial entrepreneur, with a glitter and David Bowie obsession.

My favourite place to be is my home office.

My favourite thing to do is build WordPress websites.

If you're struggling to get your website where you want it to be, you're in the right place. Let me take that worry away and give you the reassurance you're looking for.

I've worked with hundreds of women in business, at all stages of their journey. I'm driven by helping others to change their lives by creating a business from their talents.


How It Works

You'll Book Your SEO SOS for a One off Investment of £599
You'll Give Me Access to Your WordPress Website

I'll send you a tutorial video with instructions on adding me as an Administrator to your website, so I can have access without you needing to share your own password.

You answer my quick but in-depth questionnaire

I'll ask the right questions to get to know everything about your business, your goals and your ideal customer.

I'll carry out keyword research

With the information you've given me, I'll get to work doing loads of research into the best keywords to use across your website, to make sure your ideal customer can find you.

I'll add your keywords to your existing copy (in the right way!)

I'll add your keywords to your 5 main pages or blog posts. I won't cram them in or write lists in the footer - I'll make sure they integrate seamlessly, using the right techy techniques.

I'll make sure your images have SEO information

I'll add meta data to 50 images across your website, so they show up in Google image searches.

I'll give you 3 months of blog post ideas

Finally, I'll come up with 12 blog post subject, keyphrase and title suggestions, one a week for the next 3 months, based on the keyword research I've carried out.






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