The Lily Pad Florist Website Design
11 May, 2019

Florist Website Design

Gemma came to me to for a completely new florist website design after facing many problems with her previous site and the tech setup.

The Lily Pad is a high street florist, and Gemma and the team wanted the website to reflect the feel of the shop, her experience and passion for flowers, as well as provide a practical and easy to use eCommerce solution for the various services she provides.

My Approach

As The Lily Pad Florist’s branding uses a neutral palette, but Gemma wanted a colourful and lively site, we decide to make the flowers themselves the focus. I used full width images of the flowers and shop through out to provide an immersive experience for the user.

For this florist website design, ease of use was extremely important, as many of the users would be seeking funeral flowers and last minute gift bouquets. I tackled this by creating areas explaining the process, step-by-step, and making a straightforward purchasing process.

Custom fields during checkout were essential for Gemma’s requirements, and these were added and refined until the perfect process was decided on.

For users seeking wedding flowers, easily accessible galleries of previous work were added, alongside easy to find contact details.


Gemma’s aim was to start taking daily orders on the website and this has been achieved within weeks. Comments from customers have been extremely positive and wedding orders have been made as a result of what they’ve seen on the website.

“Firstly thank you so much for what you have done for our new web site. We are really pleased with the result. As someone who used to work in the is/it sector it has been a pleasure to work with a supplier who, whilst technically proficient, also has her feet in the real world, not baffling us with a load of techie jargon, whilst getting on with the solution we were after, not chucking responsibility back at us or forcing something on us that we didn’t want.”

Tony Slate, The Lily Pad Florist


I could talk for hours about the work that went into this website. It was a labour of absolute love and I adored working on it.

I’m so glad I can continue to look after the site as part of my Website BFF Squad!


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