6 Tips for Women Afraid of Going Live on Facebook
30 Nov, 2018

confirmed introvert.

Fear leads to procrastination

You know that the key to good reach on Facebook, and increasingly other social media platforms, is video. You know that Live video is even better. But you’re terrified. Putting yourself ‘out there’ makes you feel utterly sick. No matter how many times you plan to go Live, you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

Everyone starts out terrified

The truth is, everyone is terrified when they first start going Live on Facebook. Those slick, confident ‘gurus’ that you admire did not start out that way, and felt as sick as you do when they first started. Some of the most successful business people are introverts. There’s absolutely no reason that anyone scared of going Live on Facebook can’t overcome that fear.

Here are my tips to help you get over a fear of going live on Facebook:

1. Get your set up right

Before you even think about going Live, you need to make sure everything is set up correctly. The last thing you need is your phone falling over or a light randomly turning off mid flow (yes, both of these have happened to me!). Get yourself a proper phone stand, test your laptop camera and microphone and set up your lights. If you’re in a friendly Facebook group, do a quick test in there to make sure everything’s working and people can see you clearly.

2. Plan What You’re Going to Say

Your favourite entrepreneurs might be able to hop on spontaneously to talk about the weather and get 1000 comments, but you’re not there yet! Plan to talk about a single topic and know exactly what points you want to make, including an introduction, middle and conclusion. At the end, you’ll want a clear call to action so viewers know what to do next (eg. ‘Read more on the blog’, ‘comment below’, ‘download the workbook’ etc.). I wouldn’t recommend writing an exact script, but do write down some bullet points that you’re confident to expand on. Put them somewhere that you can clearly see them. Make sure they’re secure though, so they don’t disappear in the middle of your Live!

3. No one will probably watch you anyway!

Now this sounds pretty negative but remembering this always helps me to click that Go Live button! The truth is, although video is fantastic for reach, when you first start the number of viewers you get whilst you’re actually live are very few, often none at all. Rather than being disappointed by this, allow it to give you some freedom! If you go Live without any viewers and are really pleased with your performance, post the video to your page and see the views and comments come in! If you mess up completely and make a complete fool of yourself…

4. Remember That You Can Always Press ‘Delete’

In fact, you can just choose not to post the video to your page, meaning that only those (few) people who watched the video live will ever know what happened. Even if you do post the video to your page and then regret it, you can delete the whole thing and no one will ever know! Remember that it’s increasingly hard to get seen on Facebook and, although going Live is the best option for reach, not all 2 billion users will see your video instantly.

5. Most people are lovely

Wishy-washy but true. As long as you steer clear of any controversial subjects, if you talk with enthusiasm about a subject you’re passionate about, that will be clear to your viewers. They will enjoy what you have to say, no matter if you ‘um and ah’ or stumble over your words. Anyone who does make any unreasonably hurtful or troll-like comments can be blocked and deleted. It always helps to remember that it’s ok to be ‘real’ and that vulnerability is compelling.

6. Think of the reach

If you’re still unsure whether you can bring yourself to go Live, just think about all that lovely reach! Video is by far the best way to speak directly to your ideal client. You know that, with consistency, you can turn your audience into loyal customers who love to hear from you and are waiting to take what you have to give.
No one ever told you that running your own business would be easy and you’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone before, so you CAN do it again. Just don’t overthink it, be yourself and my biggest tip – don’t watch the video back if you don’t want to!

Let me know how you’re doing with your Lives and pop a link in the comments so I can see you in action!



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