The Brief

Amy at Vanity Doll wanted a fresh brand identity and the salon’s first website.

The new brand identity needed to reflect the salon’s ethos of feminine fun, love of retro characters, and carry through the salon’s clients and staff identity of being ‘dolls’.

We discussed how the business has various ‘departments’, each with their own stylists, price lists and social media presence. We decided that the most fun and appropriate way to differentiate the areas would be by creating a series of characters, each with their own logos that would sit underneath the Vanity Doll brand.

The website needed to be information based, so that clients could have access to price lists, and call or email to book. There also needed to be an integrated eCommerce area for the salon’s new line of branded lashes, alongside matching packaging design.

The newly designed brand identity and characters would need to be integrated throughout, as would the salon’s various Instagram feeds, to take advantage of their strong following.

My Approach

Brand Identity

I began by researching the brands that Amy had listed as inspirational to her, and was drawn to the styling of 1980s and 90s toys, which was prominent across the range.

Knowing that the salon’s client base is mostly under 30, entirely female, with a strong interest in hair and beauty, I took a bold approach to the style and colour palette.

Amy was delighted with the umbrella logo for Vanity Doll, and the logos for the ‘departments’ of the salon quickly followed.

The characters developed from simple drawings to a range of ladies with their own personalities! We worked hard together to make sure that the styling, colours and features of the ‘dolls’ were fully reflective of Amy’s vision, and the full collection came to life!


The website’s main purpose was as a place to refer clients for pricing information and somewhere to purchase the new line in branded lashes.

The salon staff spent a lot of time repeating the price list and the website would provide a place to send anyone who made an enquiry. It would also be a place to show of the new brand identity!

In order to keep the fun feel throughout the site, I worked with a layered design, focussing on the gorgeous photos that were available.

With the goals of gaining followers on the platform, I integrated the Instagram feeds for each area of the business directly onto the pages, and in order to encourage clients to call to book appointments, I positioned the booking phone number prominently on each page.

As the majority of clients would be accessing the site on mobile, I went to great lengths to ensure that the design was responsive and that the user experience was fully considered.

The brand was incorporated across the entire site, creating a strong new look, which represents the ethos and feel of the salon.